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Online Bed Reviews

Online Mattress Reviews With online reviews readily available at the touch of a button many people are relying on them for purchasing a bed or mattress. The reality is that online reviews are often unreliable and will not guarantee you a good night’s sleep. I am going to share with you five main reasons why … Continued

Why I do what I do

The Beducator – Why I do what I do One thing I have been particularly concerned about during my time in the bed industry is a lack of clarity and direction offered to consumers. I appreciate that this is ever evolving, but there are some important messages bed buyers need to know about the importance … Continued

Jerry Cheshire – The Beducator

Let me take you back to 1998. After a 9-year spell working in the financial markets in the City of London and later as a Foreign Exchange trader, a redundancy caused by a bank closure forced me to find employment in a new industry. I was extremely lucky to land a sales role at leading … Continued

7 Facts About Pocket Springs Some Bed Shops Don’t Tell You

If you have been into a bed shop, or looked at a web shop that sells mattresses, you will notice that the number of springs in the mattress is offered as a guide. However, this number can often be misleading. Here’s why: Springs come in different sizes. The ‘standard’ sized spring used in most mattresses … Continued

6 Facts About Memory Foam That Mattress Makers Don’t Want You To Know

Memory Foam is not new. Memory Foam was invented in the 1960s and developed by NASA for the manned spaceflight program. It was released into the public domain in the 1980s and used for mattresses for the first time by a Swedish mattress company in 1991.   Not all Memory Foam is the same. Memory … Continued

5 Reasons Why Sleep Matters

Sleep is THE most important behavioural experience you will have, as your very existence requires it. It’s one of life’s natural luxuries but it is grossly undervalued. You’ll spend 4 months asleep this year, and 4 months every year for the rest of your life. Appreciate sleep to experience a multitude of personal benefits. Here … Continued


Here at Surrey Beds we stock beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture for all budgets. Whether you are looking for premium designer beds or quality budget mattresses, we cater for everyone. We believe in having a holistic approach to make everyone feel welcomed to our stores and feel that they can get quality no matter their … Continued

A big hello from The Beducator

Hello, I’m Jerry ‘The Beducator’ Cheshire and I am here to help millions of people get a better nights sleep. It’s a huge task but with my years of helping the public buy beds at our independent bed store, Surrey Beds, we have the experience, knowledge and know-how to take on this challenge. School of Beducation

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