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The Value Sweet Spot

The Value Sweet Spot


What’s better, spending your money to buy the right mattress, or saving your money and buying the wrong mattress? Of course it’s better, for you, to buy the correct mattress, even if it costs a little more.

So, how do you know how to achieve value when you’re buying a new mattress?

The quality of sleep you derive from your mattress is determined by how your mattress performs in three key areas:

Support:  Often confused with firmness, your mattress doesn’t necessarily need to be firm, but it does have to support your skeletal frame when your muscles relax as you sleep. During one phase of your natural sleep cycle, your muscles are almost entirely paralysed. They are so relaxed that they temporarily cease working. During this phase, it will be the support element of your mattress that takes over from your muscles. If your mattress is not providing adequate support, you will most likely, awake with aches and pains. It’s the springs within your mattress that provides the support. In mattresses made entirely from foam, support foam is used.

Comfort: It’s important you feel comfortable in your bed. If you look forward to going to bed, and you have a lovely comfortable mattress, then the quality of sleep you experience will be higher. Inside your mattress, the layers of fillings which lay between the sleeper and the springs are the parts of the mattress that provide the comfort. These comfort layers provide pressure relief. If your mattress is uncomfortable you may experience ‘pins and needles’ or pressure points which disturb your sleep. Try to buy a mattress that allows your hips and your shoulders to sink in slightly when you sleep on your side.

Durability: This is the element of your mattress that is often overlooked. Over time, the performance of your mattress will diminish. Once your mattress is no longer performing well, i.e no longer supportive or comfortable, it will be impossible for you to achieve a high quality of sleep. Most mattresses will feel great and perform well when they are new. To assess durability, you should consider how the mattress will perform in the future; say in 3 years’ time, 5 years’ time etc. A higher quality mattress will perform well for longer. You will however find that the price tag of the better mattresess will be higher. Like anything, you get what you pay for.

You will know if you have achieved great value with your mattress purchase when you have equal amounts of support, comfort and durability.


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