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Six ‘Hot in bed’ survival tips

Six ‘Hot in bed’ survival tips


In the summer time when the weather is hotter than usual, keeping cool as you sleep at night can be difficult. Of course, if you have air-conditioning in your bedroom, you’ll easily regulate the room temperature to be able to sleep as normal. However, for those who don’t have the luxury of air-conditioning, here are 6 tips to help when you’re hot in bed.


1.     Take a cool shower before you ‘hit the sack’. Actually, this is a great tip all year round as it allows your body temperature to reduce in preparation for a good nights sleep. As you sleep, your body naturally cools itself, so a cool shower will accelerate the cooling and help you fall asleep quicker. Don’t have the shower too cold though, as extreme cold will have the opposite affect and wake you up!

2.     Use bed linens made from natural fibres like cotton, silk or bamboo fibre. These materials are naturally breathable and allow the air to flow through to keep you cool. They’re also slightly absorbent. So avoid man-made bed sheets, like polyester, as these will simply push the moisture around instead of drawing moisture away from your skin

3.     Create a through breeze in your bedroom with a fan. If a fan is not available, open the windows and doors, where practical, to allow air to flow freely through your bedroom. This airflow will have a cooling affect as it helps your perspiration to evaporate.

4.     Kick off your duvet, but don’t sleep naked! It’s more beneficial to discard your duvet when it’s hot, rather than sleep naked. A duvet will prevent you from cooling down, whereas pajamas made from natural materials like cotton, silk and bamboo fibres will provide a soft absorbent layer that will wick sweat away from your skin. This then prevents you feeling clammy and uncomfortable.

5.     Avoid memory foam mattresses or toppers. Memory foam is temperature reactive and retains your body heat. It is often criticized for being too hot to sleep on by many, even during the winter. So, ditch the memory foam for cotton felt for a cooler sleep.

6.     Get out the hot water bottle! You fill it with hot water in the winter and take it to bed with you to snuggle up with to stay warm. In the summer, simply fill it with cold water, even put it in the freezer for a while, then, take it to bed with you to keep you cool. Simple, but effective.

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