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Mammoth factory visit

Mammoth factory visit

In July I was fortunate to be invited to the brand new factory of The Foam Company in Abingdon, Oxon.

The Foam Company have been making foam products for over 25 years and make mattresses under the ‘Sleepshaper’ and ‘Revitalise’ brands. The ‘Mammoth Performance’ medical grade foam mattresses are also made under licence by The Foam Company. The Foam Company are also certified by the National Bed Federation as an approved member.

The new factory, under the charge of Director, Jon Baker is now fully equipped and operational.

My colleague, Ryan Martensz and I were welcomed by Jon Baker and Business Development Manager Paul Nash.

It’s always a pleasure to visit a working factory and Jon and Paul gave us a full factory and showroom tour.

We were shown the large uncut foam blocks which had recently arrived from the foam suppliers. There are various grades of foam used to make their variety of products and some are colour coded for ease of identification. I noted white, cream, blue and pink blocks of foam ready to be fed to the factory.

The factory is well planned and neatly laid out in a logical format to allow the flow of raw materials to be processed into finish products in an efficient manner.  It is also noticeably immaculately clean.

At the back of the factory is a purpose built booth where adhesive is applied, were necessary, in a safety conscious manner.

Some mattresses are constructed with layers of different foam types, a softer layer for comfort and a firmer layer for support for example. Latex is also paired with foams in some mattresses and where these foams are layered they have to be glued with specialist adhesive.

During production, cut foam is temporarily stored on pallets which are transported by fork-lift.

Large machines are used to cut the foam and ‘profile’ it to the required shape. The foam within Mammoth Mattresses is castellated. This allows air to flow around the mattress to prevent the sleepers overheating.

Once the foam is cut to the required size, it is then covered in a purpose made breathable, zipped cover.

The finished mattresses are then wrapped in a clear polythene bag ready for transport to the mattresses retailer.

Some mattresses in the ‘Sleepshaper’ range are vacuum packed and rolled up for ease of transportation and storage. Click here to see video.

We were also shown pillows being made in this factory. The foam used to make pillows is different that the foam used to make mattresses. The pillow foam is identifiable by its blue colour.

After the full factory tour, we were shown the Mammoth Performance mattress models on display in the factory showroom. This display is replicated in Surrey Beds’ own store in Purley, Surrey.

Thank you to Jon and Paul for making me and Ryan feel welcomed.

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