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How to get a deep sleep

How to get a deep sleep

This month I have been looking into what stops Surrey from sleeping. In my perpetual bid to help Surrey get a better night’s sleep I was interested to confirm the top reasons people have trouble sleeping.

After a little bit of local research I found that the top reasons people are not sleeping well are:

·         Summer heat (44%)

·         Life stress (34%)

·         Partner snoring (29%)

·         Work related stress (27%)

·         Poor mattress quality (20%)

This study proves what I have believed to be true since I started working in the bed business. As I have mentioned before sleep is extremely important to our well-being,  it is important to me as a bed specialist to make sure that everyone is getting good quality sleep.

To help the community relax, de-stress and keep cool during the night I am hosting a Deep Sleep Event this Thursday 21st August at the Surrey Beds Purley store. The event will focus on the top reasons people can’t sleep and provide ideas and solutions from a number of experts including

I invite everyone to come along between 6pm9pm for some bubbly and light refreshments and to hear from our list of experts about how to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

To secure your place for free please confirm at

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