The Beducator is a registered trademarked character created by Jerry Cheshire.
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Hi, I am Jerry Cheshire -

The Beducator

I have been helping the public buy beds and mattresses for 16 years, 14 of which have been in my own successful independent bed stores in Surrey.

I have found that buying beds and mattresses is rarely understood, and what people think they know about mattresses is often wrong. This results in them buying the wrong mattress for the wrong reasons.

I’m known for giving honest, accurate and unbiased advice. This is more important than people think. It’s important because people don’t know the massive number of choices available to them, or HOW to buy the right bed.

I have created ‘The Beducator’ to help guide and advise you towards the correct bed purchase.

Presenting the Beducator

Watch the video and find out the secrets to a better nights sleep
I am here to give you the right knowledge to buy the right bed, with confidence. I dispel key bed-buying myths and give you an honest and accurate assessment of products available to you.

A lot of the information about beds and mattresses online is geared towards persuading you to buy a particular product or to buy from a specific outlet, and can be misleading. My advice is unbiased.

Sleep is the foundation of the SLEEP, EXERCISE & NUTRITION well-being triangle and your mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Its more important than you think that you have the right mattress.

After all, on average a third of our lives is spent sleeping. That’s a staggering 4 months every year.

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Happy customers

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"Hi Jerry, Just a quick message to say thanks for your time, help and expertise that you shared with us on Sunday morning, it was really appreciated and great to meet a fellow businessman who shows a passion for his work"

Vicky Ball
Business owner, wife and mum of 3

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